Thanking God this morning, 

in this fragrant fragment of time,

for the floral rainbow around me…


rosy pink and red of peony




orange of remaining poppies


yellow of buttercup drifts in fields


green blooms hiding in snow-on-the-mountains


indigo-blue of lobelia


lavender of blossomed chives

(a favorite to sprinkle on spring and summer salads and tiny tea sandwiches)


and red-violet of iris…

~and for eyes that still can see them all and discern the different shades.


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10 thoughts on “A Fragrant Fragment: Floral Rainbow

  1. Ah, yes, “the eyes that still see them.” What a beautiful note to end this photo-feast upon, Sylvia. I don’t want to take anything for granted and that was a sweet reminder of God’s goodness to me and all of us in so many ways.

  2. Dear Sylvia
    And also for a heart that can appreciate the wonder and beauty of all these gifts of nature He lavishes upon us everyday!
    Much love XX

  3. Beth, I think I have always had gratitude for being able to see and appreciate beauties like these. (It is indeed such a blessed gift from God!) But in recent years issues with my eyes have deepened my appreciation further, so that my gratitude for “eyes that still can see them all and discern the different shades” has grown greater than ever!
    A beautiful day to you!

  4. Yes, Mia, that is the greatest thing, the heart of the matter, a renewed heart from Him that “can appreciate the wonder and beauty of all these gifts of nature He lavishes upon us everyday!” Great joy!
    May God bless you with many wonders of beauty throughout this day!

  5. So many gorgeous flowers out there, aren’t there? Such beauty… and it is only a foretaste! 🙂 Thanks, Sylvia for the morning rainbow!

  6. Dawn, I inherited the poppies from my neighbor from whom we bought the property. Maybe someday I can give you some to plant in your own flower bed. 🙂

  7. Gail, buttercups are a special little childhood-memory flower for me. We used to hold them under one another’s chins to determine “if you like butter” by whether our skin reflected back their buttery color. A little sun, a little color from the grace of God, and the imaginations of children romping in the meadows like lambs…

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