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Lord, I am afraid. Ashamed of my fear, yet possessor of it.

It’s fear that makes me shout in anger. But it’s helpless, foolish anger, fury signifying and achieving nothing…

except trouble, further trouble.

But what do I fear?

Name that fear.

Sometimes in the naming I see how foolish is the fearing.

Nearing God, I see a power so large, so with me, so enveloping me with care, protection, and biggest, love…

Lover of my soul, that’s what He is

There is no fear in Love, and so, as it flows, His holy love,

His perfect love…

Perfect love casts out fear.

And I wonder at my trembling, and why I should get myself afraid…


12 thoughts on “Afraid?

  1. Wow–this is what I needed to hear today. The connection between fear and anger and the solution coming through love–yes and amen! Thank you for writing.

  2. And thank you, WesAnna, for encouragement. So glad you stopped ’round here and commented.

  3. Yes, Elizabeth, in the last decade or so, I have learned when I find myself getting angry to trace the feeling back to its possible root: fear? frustration? loss? or just exhaustion, hunger, or loneliness? I sometimes forget to do this soon enough, though, like this week! But in any case, the answer always lies with Him and His truth. Thank you much for visiting and commenting.

  4. Exactly the right place to head, isn’t it, Lori? And that common theme makes a community of more than blogging. Blessings! Thanks for your visit and comment.

  5. I’ve wrestled with fear a ton over the last five years. I’ve done more studies on that Biblical word and subject in that same time.

    Revering the things of this world more than we do the Creator and Sustainer of it is immaturity and a lack of wisdom… something we fight forever while in our weakened soul cages. “Fear of the Lord,” is fear – yes, but it is also revering, trusting, and being thankful for His sovereignty. When we fear the world, it is likened to worshipping idols. Anytime we put the things in this world above the One who controls it, puts our soul at odds with our Father.

    Grasping this within is when and where we find true peace and joy from our Father… Nothing on this earth comes close to that…

    There’s my two cents!

  6. Wow! Floyd, your “two cents” are worth a million bucks! What clear perspective on fear… of man/the world, and of God! Excellent words I must keep. Thanks “a ton” for your “two cents”!

    I might add, around here we’ve been studying the fear of the Lord extensively too, in the last few years– something so important that most of us Christians of today really need to understand better than we do. I can see you “get” it.

  7. Such amazing truth packed into such a small post! Thank you so, so much for this, Sylvia!!!

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