The phrase opening Baillie’s morning prayer both soothes my heart and surges my spirit. I pluck it like an everlasting flower to carry in the pocket of my mind throughout my day:

“Eternal Father of my soul…”

Think of it!

I do that repeatedly. I pull it out at different moments, let myself express it, silently sometimes, at other times in whispers. The words take on a power of their own, and raise me, mind and heart and spirit, to the God of gods.

“Eternal Father of my soul.” This is what He is to me! All my soul’s life, all that makes it capable of the eternal, that makes it a child of His expression. What a wonder! What  incomprehensible blessing! Beyond my grasp.           


How often do we address the Eternal Father of our souls in ways far beneath the appreciation He deserves?

Maybe we need to take some time just to settle into His presence, to focus on all that He is…

No, that is beyond us, far beyond us.

But we can focus on one singular excellent thing He is, like this, in silent reflection… taking the time, before we storm His gates with demands and whinings we call “requests.” Maybe we won’t even feel the need to storm His gates after that at all. Maybe just this one thought of what He is, and how that alone is all our need, will still our even asking, and transform it into thanking, praising.

“Eternal Father of my soul.”

Is that not enough?


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7 thoughts on “To Whom are You Speaking? (Prayer)

  1. “Maybe we need to take some time just to settle into His presence” ~ I love that! My favorite place is settling into His presence. Just to be still and quiet and bask in His love. 🙂

    1. Amen, Kathy! The sweetest place I know, too! So glad you stopped by! Thanks for commenting, and God bless!

  2. Too many times I rush into God’s presence with my mind full of life and my to-do list. I twirl around, talking to Him with my head and not my heart. How much better to take time, to “settle into His presence.”

  3. “My mind full of life and my to-do list.” How aptly descriptive of my own natural bent, Pamela! That’s why I read things like Baillie’s morning prayer, and write posts like this… for myself! Aw the tyranny of the to-do list! And ah, the sweetness of the stilling, the settling in with Him! Sweet peace to you today.

  4. “Maybe we won’t even feel the need to storm His gates after that at all.” – what a revelation. You are right. I’m going to be thinking on that today: Eternal Father of my soul. Such a soothing and awe inspiring thought. Thank you.

  5. Oh, yes, to just reflect on who He is – so much better than all the requests! It is good to ask, but if all we do is present a list, it’s not really relationship. The praising is so much better! Thank you for sharing these thoughts!

  6. Love this: “An everlasting flower to carry in the pocket of my mind.” Praises to the Eternal Father of our souls.


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