On the prompt “Enough”…

Is it enough: just seven cents in your wallet and so little gas in the tank that the pointer says “E” and you have to 1) get yourself to work fifteen minutes away and that little one beside you to the day care center on the way, and then 2) get both of you back home afterward, and then you have to 3) go to that required function tonight—so you have to a) go pick up the babysitter and b) get back to school and then c) come home and pay the sitter and d) drive him back home, and then e) get back home yourself—and there’s hardly anything left in the cupboard or fridge and no pay coming for three more weeks and little mouths get hungry? Is it enough?


It’s not enough.

Is HE enough in all of that?


I knew He was. I knew somehow He’d supply or I never would have sat there and laughed, laughed out loud, with the little one beside me in the car seat (we did that, toddlers in the front seat, then). Laughed out loud and declared heavenward, right in front of the child and the silent morning world, “Maybe I’m crazy, Lord, but I just expect you to drop money out of the sky!” And off we drove…

Then what happened?

Come back Monday (I almost wrote Money… heehee) Time’s up for now!


[Writing for just five minutes this morning, on the Five-Minute-Friday prompt “Enough.” I wasn’t going to, it’s so out of sync with the series of posts unfolding on my blog (or is it?…) But I had to. It’s a story that should not lie silent.]


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9 thoughts on “When There’s NOT Enough…

  1. what a teaser for what seems to be an amazing story.
    it is the story of my life too…when my cupboards are empty, my wallet is empty and it seems everything is empty that I find myself most filled.
    following you here via FMF

  2. Oh man! You totally left me hanging! I cannot wait to come back on Monday and hear the rest of the story. I bet it’s a good one! Thank you for sharing, may God bless you today. Happy Friday!
    Visiting from 5mf!

    1. Hi Mandy,
      Now I’ll really have to make sure to get Monday’s post written ahead of time! Mondays I often have trouble getting it all together; so I’m getting on it now!
      Happy Friday to you, too. So glad you stopped over!

  3. Hi Aimee,
    I didn’t intend it to be a teaser, really (nor do I have the post written for Monday, and now I’ll *have* to!) I just kept typing as fast as I could and that’s as far as my poor fingers could get in 5 minutes. heh

    “when it seems everything is empty that I find myself most filled.” that is so true for me, too. Abundance has a way of getting in the way: my way, God’s way, and the way His glory gets displayed through our not-enough-ness…

    Thanks for visiting and commenting, Aimee.

    1. Sorry, Mindy. 🙁 If I get it written earlier, maybe I’ll post it earlier. No promises, busy day. But really, I didn’t plan it that way when I started out writing! Really.

  4. I love this and the post before it. I look forward to the direction you are going. There is definitely a tie between conversing with God and trusting in his providence, intentional or not. And you know I love George Mueller!

  5. I think you’re right, Tereasa, that there definitely is a tie-in here with real conversing with God. And yep, I think it’s great, how we both love George Mueller!

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