It’s my evening alone. The house is quiet. I move through the darkened hall, pass the window. A sparkle, a beam of light catches my eye, and I stoop to peer out this rear view-frame.  A bright star burning? Or Jupiter reflecting? No… Venus? Strong little light in the darkening night. But the moon… there is moon, somewhere… for I see its dim glow spread around, its cast shadows.

I stand a while and just soak it in. Beauty in darkness.

It’s later. I leave the upstairs room adopted for my solitude of late, a “guest room” seldom used. And I enter that same darkened hall, part-lightened from behind me, but still dim enough for outdoor night lights to show up. So I shuffle over to that window before going down the stairs. To see again the stars, moon shadows…

But oh! Now there’s this.

He must have set a spotlight and a timer. And there it is, predominating countryside and road, for those few souls who pass this way by night to see.

And in the morning I ask its purpose, although I’m sure I know it.

And yes, I do.

That folk might know, or be reminded, what this week is all about. Not eggs and bunnies. Not beans in baskets. But a man who walked the earth awhile, a perfect man, the only one, embodying God Himself: walking, working, healing, teaching, agonizing through the week of will and testament, of death and darkness — and then, of incomprehensible sudden burst of life and hope anew! The unbelievable that happened.

A weathered cross on a weathered barn, barely visible, yet spot-lit. Reminder of the barely visible, humanly incredible Truth that still, even in this present darkness, shines through at times. A death on a cross, one of many, yet none like it. And a Life resurrected, like none other, for us to share and live ourselves.

May we see it in the shadowed hollows of our lives. May its light shine in and keep us in hope.


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14 thoughts on “Light in the Night

    1. Ah, Denise, fantastic God! Fantastic Christ! May you enjoy fantastic blessings of His light even in darkness this Resurrection Week! (Prayers for you.)

  1. Beauty in darkness – very profound! I am also one for getting a ray of hope and enjoyment when I come across thing as you have described! God is good!

    1. That’s when the light and its beauty are most striking, aren’t they, Nancy? And I’m noticing the name of your blog! Hm, Yes! have to hop over there and visit!

  2. I love this – the cross on the barn – a man reaching in a remote area. Not on television. Not in bookstores – just out in the country – and that is the field of his mission work! That encourages me to be content with mine:)

    1. Hi Bluecotton,
      These things just kind of arise from who we are and what’s within us (the Holy Spirit), don’t they? I have been considering so much lately how I/we maybe think too big, and God — and His service — is in the small things.

  3. Beautiful!

    Beautiful words…beautiful picture!

    Sounds like you and I share a love of moonlight. Something about that reflected glory of the sun acts as a constant reminder of how I am to reflect the Glory of the Son!

    Thanks for sharing, Sylvia!

    1. Thanks for visiting and commenting, Joe. When I see the moon itself up there, in its various phases, I always think of it as the “faithful witness in the sky.” And the moonlight with its silver shadows brings to mind words from the hymn, “Fair is the sunshine, fairer still the moonlight… Jesus shines brighter, Jesus is purer, Who makes the woeful heart to sing.” He who took on our woe…

    1. So good to see you again, dear Dawn. Special blessings on this holy week for you!
      (Internet service down for hours gave me a mini-vacation today!)

    1. Thank you, Brandee. I’m so glad you came to visit and left your sweet comment. Special blessings at this special time!

  4. “May we see it in the shadowed hollows of our lives. May its light shine in and keep us in hope.”

    Yes. oh, yes. Beautiful.

  5. Hi Laura,
    So glad you stopped by and commented. Thank you, and beautiful hope to you this special week!

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