“Oh, dear Lord! I want You!” I whisper the loud inner cry.

“The things of earth compete…”

They’re good things. And I feel such obligation to do them. To return blog comments, to encourage the faltering, to be a wife, to not neglect this friend or that…

My mind feels hyperactive lately, and I don’t know why.

Singleness. Of spirit. Of mind. That’s what I need. That single vision Jesus talked about (Mt 6:22).

Well, I’m not going to get it from myself! Only from You, dear Lord! Please, God, come to my aid…”


I go sit and still by my old prayer window. Silent.

What does He have to say to me today?

I just sit, closed Bible in lap.

And this thought comes: Moses liked the wilderness better.




I turn back to the start of Exodus. Where he ran. Where he ended up in Midian, and took up residence with Jethro, and just went herding his sheep.

And the text says this: “Then Moses was content” (Ex 2:21).

I hadn’t noticed those words I’d read overtop of, days ago.

Content? Hmm.

I always used to feel sorry for him, think he must have felt banished, banished forever, like he’d got a big “F” for failure…

But this says Moses was content there.


But then later God called Him away from there. And he didn’t want to go.

But when God calls, you need to heed.


Husband says, “Yes, you wait until He calls, and then you go.”

Meanwhile, the wilderness is “kinda” nice. More than “kinda.”

And I am content…


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4 thoughts on “Sideline

  1. Hi there – I so needed to read this today. It is exactly where I am. I too need to stand still and spend time with the Lord alone. He is the only One who can help me get my priorities straight and get everything done!
    Great post, and thank you for linking up again. Look forward to seeing you there again.
    God bless

  2. So true, Tracy, that He is really the only One who can help get our priorities straight. I’m so glad that I linked up and that you came to visit. God bless. Hope to link up again next week. We’ll see what He has…

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