Here’s a Monday-morning, wake-your-brain question…

What time period in history contains all these elements:

a man named Joseph who dreamed prophetic dreams

a powerful king with baby phobia who ordered Israelite babies killed en masse

the nation of Egypt

a faithful mother

the hiding of a baby who would become a great leader destined to deliver God’s people out of bondage

God’s calling for a return from Egypt to the land of Israel


What’s your answer? Or, should I stipulate Old Testament or New?

Because it’s all there, both places. Exodus. Matthew. Israel’s 400 plus years in Egypt before Moses led them out—and Jesus’ escape there with His parents in the time of horrid Herod. Just a coincidence? Or flashing foreshadows?

There’s also “Out of Egypt have I called my son,” written both historically and prophetically in Hosea 11:1, and cited in Matthew 2:15.

Astonishing, the fear a “mighty” tyrant can have of the most helpless of creatures, the human baby! Both Pharaoh and Herod suffered such great angst over male babies, it drove them to drastic reaction: Wipe them out! (Ex 1:16; Mt 2:16-18).

In either case, if the despot had succeeded, that Promised “seed of the woman” would have been cut off—there would have been no Messiah as promised.

Such strong foreshadowing!

But the earlier story held one important element absent from the later: two faithful “insignificant” women who made all the difference…

Shiphrah and Puah. Together they determined to disobey their orders from the most powerful human potentate of their time—and do the right thing (Ex 1:15-18).

Now, this is no light thing. This king is fierce, and they are nobodies—less than nobodies, if that’s possible—mere midwives (servants) to a bunch of slaves (the Israelites, in Egyptian bondage). Getting called before that dictator for disobeying his orders would be like having to directly face, say, Hitler for the same reason.

I can hardly imagine how much I would tremble! But like John Laird Mairthey “feared man so little because [they] feared God so much.”

And they prevailed, because smallness with God’s backing holds tremendous power. And even in those impossible circumstances, God rewarded them with families of their own! (Ex 1:20-21)

For God honors those who honor Him by bravely and faithfully doing what is right in His eyes, despite how “small” they are—and despite how much their knees might shake doing it!

Small = helpless babies + “nobody” midwives = powerful (with God added in).

Because God’s “power is made perfect in weakness” (2Cr 12:10).

And God says, “Those who honor me, I will honor” (1 Sa 2:30).

God, give us courage like these two noble women!


Thanking God this morning for these great gifts:

~His strength in my weakness

~This favorite verse: “When I am weak, then am I strong…”

~The faithful, like the midwives, who inspire me with their courage

~The Messiah who came and will come again

~This season of His Advent, with Him the star of the show

~God’s promise to honor those who honor Him


Seeking the Christ Child (in the Old Testament)

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, I am searching for prophecies and foreshadowings of the Christ child, book by book. I plan to post (nearly) every weekday (leaving myself some margin) a short peek at some hint or promise of the coming baby who would make all the difference. Like the wise men, I’ll be Seeking the Christ Child, but in Old Testament promises and foreshadowings, and sharing what I find. I hope you’ll join me, because if it turns out as rewarding as the past spring’s pre-Easter explorations, this focus could make this one of the richest, most blessed Christmas seasons yet.

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4 thoughts on “Seeking the Christ Child (6) – Power in Small Things, and Fear of Babies

  1. Dear Sylvia,

    Your post so echoes mine with the theme that the weak can conquer the strong when God is their strength. I LOVE the statement, “they “feared man so little because [they] feared God so much.”

    The incredible part to me is that we’re talking about midwives here. I got halfway through midwifery school when the school I was attending closed for financial reasons. I never finished midwifery, but the profession is near and dear to my heart. Now you remind me that it was a couple of midwives that brought Israel out of Egypt! Yes!

    I am in the midst of a situation where powerful people are pushing their weight around and all of us are being challenged to make a decision as to what we are going to do about it. You rightly note that God honors those who honor Him. I know that to be true. I pray to act like I do.

    Linked with Ann today, too, I posted how thankful I am for my sister. She was challenged by those in power at her work and she suffered terribly, but she was able to stand firm. It’s taken a year and a half, but the truth is coming out and the truth is setting her free.

    Thanks for posting this, Sylvia. It is a witness to the truth of which we both speak.

    It was good being here today,

    1. Yes, Dawn, I went to your website and I can see we’re echoing each other. I just get so excited when I see God at work like this, bringing just the right people together at just the right time, etc. I thought of you when I was doing this post, just because of what I knew about your present difficulties, but I didn’t know about the midwifery part! (Just shaking my head, and grinning, grinning, praising God.) Our interaction of late has been a great heart-warming encouragement for me, too!

      God bless! Hang in there!

  2. Sylvia,
    Wow! As I reflect on your post it occurs to me that God primarily works through the weak. That seems to be his MO. Which is so comforting to me because God knows my weaknesses stare me in the face daily. This morning I woke up for my personal training session and it took me an hour to get out the house. I was 30 minutes late but I literally had to pray God you need to do this because if I had my way I would be back in bed. And even though it was a small request he did it. His strength came through when I barely could get out of bed. What is beautiful to me in your post is that his strength in place of our weakness can show up as it relates to midwives, me trying to get to the gym, or bringing the messiah to save the entire world. God is so cool.
    Love ya Sylvia.

    1. Yes, K., I’m convinced by now that is His MO! One of the verses I’ve long held as a “life verse” is that 2 Cor 12:10 – “When I am weak, then I am strong.” Over and over He’s proved that true in my life, in big and little situations. He is truly wonderful! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. God bless.

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