I read the question, How are you preparing for Christmas? Immediately it strikes a chord. I prepare for Christmas differently, nowadays.

“Preparing for Christmas” too often involves too much earth stuff and too little Christ. In fact, it can get so filled with distractions that we/I spend less time in communion with Him than usual! 

Two years ago (after Christmas), I realized how I’d cheated myself by not preparing well enough spiritually  for this special day. So, at the time studying John’s gospel, which seems to skip the nativity, I challenged myself to search for it between the lines.

I found it – a lot! – And I blogged about it a bit, but by then, Christmas was past, and the posts ran into January! Nevertheless, I thought, better late than not at all. My discoveries did make Christmas richer in retrospect.

Last year I got more ahead of the Christmas game. 

Then, this past spring, I approached Easter in a like manner. My self-challenge at that time: to search Old Testament books, one by one, for any pictures of or references to the coming Christ’s “Passion Week,” His death and resurrection. What a meaningful—and joyful––Resurrection Sunday that produced! The best ever!


I’m deciding, in the weeks leading up to Christmas, to search for prophecies and foreshadowings of the Christ child, book by book. At first I worried that I might run out of material in a week! But some pre-poking into the Old Testament is already yielding exciting results. I have a sneaky feeling I might find more than I can post in a month. We’ll see, because…

Starting next Monday I plan to post (nearly) each weekday (leaving myself some margin) a short peek at some hint or promise of the coming baby who would make all the difference. Like the wise men, I’ll be Seeking the Christ Child, but in the Old Testament, and sharing what I find. I hope you’ll join me, because if it turns out as rewarding as my pre-Easter explorations, it could help make this one of the richest, most blessed Christmas seasons yet!

Beholding Glory


4 thoughts on “Preparing for Christmas: It’s Not About Me

    1. Well, Laura, we’ll see. I think the first couple are quite fascinating, but after that, I don’t even know what’ll be coming up! Ought to be an interesting experiment, anyhow! Thanks for the encouragement!

  1. Sylvia,
    I have found that when I actually focus on Christ during Easter, Christmas, and other “holy days” I actually become even more excited about the “holiday” than when I focus on the secular trappings. It just warms my heart and I feel like a kid again. I look forward to reading your discoveries. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. Be blessed today!

    1. Yes, Kerry-Ann, so do I! Exactly! It’s the focus that makes the difference! Thanks. So glad you stopped by here! God bless.

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