Our Father...” How the words roll off my heart this morning, warm in Your presence,

Father of it all, Father of everything in this whole vast, wild yet ordered creation.

Father of all life,

of my new life,

of my Rebirth,

and of all the rebirthed lives, collected, called Your Son’s Bride…

Father of compassion,

of care incomprehensible for tiny us, concern for little frets and heartaches of such creatures miniscule.

Yet it breathes on, your constant Father-love. And this morning as I say the word, I feel it: feel its meaning surround me, gentle wide embrace.

Father Who art in Heaven, where my life is hid in You with Christ.

Father, thank You, for all You are as Father—no human dad, however good, can live a picture of it fully…

Thanking God today for all He is as Father…

~Father of the fatherless (Ps 68:5)

~Father of forgiveness (Mk 11:25; 1 Jo 1:9)

~Father Who knows,

~even the end from the beginning (Mk 13:32)

~Who knows each sparrow, and lets not one fall to the ground outside His will (Mt 10:29)

~Father Who prepares a kingdom for His own (Lk 12:32)

~Father of all mercies and comforting (2 Cr 1:3)

~for Whom all things are possible (Mk 14:36)

~“Daddy” (Abba) Father always approachable(Mk 14:36),

~Who draws me to Himself (John 6:44)

~Father of Lights (Jas 1:17)

~of truth,

~of love,

~of life…

~And more… and more…


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4 thoughts on “Focus on the Father

    1. And how good to see you visiting, friend. I’m glad if it gave comfort. God is so good that way, “The God of all comfort”! Thank you for your encouragement.

  1. and yes, yes, this was awesome – full of awesome. My favorite “Father” title is the father of lights – it’s the only one like it in the Bible – when I started my blogs I began a study of James – it was right around Christmas time last year when I wrote of the Father of lights. I heart that one – and I hearted it all – and all of your links worked – all of your hard work was worth it. I feel like I worshiped – and I’m smiling – so thank you Sylvia – and God bless and keep you and each and every one of yours.

    1. Oh, phew! I didn’t know what you might have to say. But then I have only seen you be kind. 🙂 Seems like a number of us have had obstacles of one kind or another this week. Visit Laura over at Beholding Glory and you’ll see she had difficulties way worse than either of us! Thanks for the visit here and the encouragement. God bless the rest of your efforts this week!

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