An August goal: Seek the unique treasure in each day. 

I have already found a chestful…

-In wee small hours, my own groan wakes me as position shift brings on the pain once more, and I feel Husband’s hand come warm upon my upper back exactly where it hurts (how does he know?), soothing heat spread flat like healing heat pad—and his darkness-quiet voice: “Did you get any sleep?” Comfort comes in touch, and even more in knowing someone cares.

-In an early dawning, I pull back a window drape, and a surprise of fog sheet blocking off expected panorama makes me gasp. But “Oh, I like it,” my mouth voices—to my God, the air, whoever might be near to hear—as I realize: A soft sequestering this is—not stifling, but instead a comfort hug, a snuggle-down in cozy den away from world’s wide vista. Embraced by God, drawn near to life at hand, to see the short view, the soft close-up of life, the picture beautiful, my heart sings soft but strong.

-Two other days: Unknowing messengers of God, two different friends not seen in weeks, bear  timely words, unaware of how they answered questions, as well as prayers, spoken only to the silent air and the God Who fills it.

-But so often, the unique and finest treasure of the day has been a little bit of scripture verse, or sermon phrase, leaping off a page or screen into my heart to stir it new to understanding—

touching, spot on, the heart part needing warm hand laid,

comfort-embracing, drawing aside to close-up view of sweet truth,

to soothe, give apt answer, and affirm.

More treasure tomorrow…

Meanwhile, what unique treasure do you find in today?