Ever get the feeling you’re being watched? That sense of some shadowy figure lurking behind you somewhere, prompting you to glance over your shoulder, hoping you’re wrong?

I do.

I sit at my desk up in my second-floor study, clicking and clacking away at my computer–like now–and I just get that feeling!

I turn a bit, and yike! Out of the corner of my eye I see something.

A dark shadow hunches at the window.

No, not just one.


The Phantoms have returned!

They make me think: If I believed I were being observed all the time, would I do all the same things I normally do?

Because maybe I am.

Jesus said, “Lo, I am with you always.” God is “an ever present help in trouble.” And that’s not all.

Mark 4:22 and Luke 8:17 and 12:2 all tell me that nothing hidden will stay that way.

And Ephesians 3:10 somehow gives me the idea that we’re all on display before all the principalities and powers of the heavenly realms, like Job was (Job 1:7-8).

This is another two-sided coin: What a blessing to know I’m not alone because God is always with me, and what a mortifying thought that every bad behavior (and attitude?) is on view, or will be someday, maybe even to the whole universe!

You never know, even in the earthly realm, just who might be watching–even if you’re sitting on the second floor of what you think is a very private rural dwelling.

Good way to live: with that possibility in mind, that…




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