When those angels appeared before those shepherds, all those years ago, they erupted in praise most glorious to the God Who was making miracles happen (Luke 2:13-14). What form did their praise take: song, quiet collective murmurs, or cheers and shouts of praise? The text only tells us what they said while they did this praising–and that it was glorious!

Most people think of the angels as singing–and for good reason. Song, for so many humans, serves as the most expressive way to praise the living God. One way or the other, such a surprise chorus on a previously darkened hillside would have electrified the shepherd’s souls.

That was a once-in-a-double-millennium event. But even today surprise events of erupting praise to God do happen, even in America, even at malls like this one.

Enjoy! Maybe you’ll want to join in. As you listen or sing along, remember and rejoice that “Hallelujah!” means “Praise Jehovah! Praise God!”