“God with us.” That’s what Immanuel means. How much does that mean to you? It’s come to mean everything to me. Not only did Christ come to dwell bodily on planet earth in human form for a short fragment of eternity. When He left, He sent His Spirit, by which He promised His disciples, “Lo I am with you always, even unto the end of the age [/world].” He is here with us who believe, even now, every minute: as Counselor, Helper, Shepherd, Comforter, and more.

This is not a fantasy dreamed up for people to have “an imaginary friend.” I have experienced the evidence of His presence in too many ways even for a fat book to contain, and I intend to tell about some of them on this website in time to come.

Yes, I know it’s true. I just get bowled over trying to comprehend it. I guess it’s not my job to try to comprehend it, only revel in it—allow the truth of it to fill me to the full and overflow in humble, joyous praise.

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