Where is scripture’s first mention of Christ’s incarnation? In Gabriel’s announcement to Mary in Luke? In Isaiah’s prophesy of six hundred plus years earlier?

No, to find it we must travel back, back to the beginning of Earth, the beginning of mankind, the beginning of sin: back to Genesis 3. There, right in the middle of the great Curse hides the promise of the Great Blessing. There, in Genesis 3:13-15, the LORD tells of a coming One who would someday crush Satan, someone He identifies as “the Seed of the woman.” Not the seed of Adam her husband, nor of mankind in general, but specifically as “her Seed.” Therefore this passage also alludes to that extraordinary form of conception and delivery, the virgin birth.

This prophecy harkens back to the dawn of time! God had this plan in place since at least the time of Eden. And someone recorded it no later than Moses’ era. Is it not reason for awed rejoicing?